what would kelly do?

”I’m more of an ancient feminist than a modern feminist. I believe in the goddesses. I like that whole warrior tribal thing. I’m happy. There aren’t that many strong women on TV. Even if you look at Sex and the City…. if you look at women on television… Sarah Jessica Parker’s character is obsessed with Mr. Big and Kim Cattrall is getting banged 20 times a day.”

(Photo via thecrimson.com)

Kelly Cutrone is quite the hero of mine. there’s been more than one occasion where i have seriously considered leaving behind my businesses and life and just becoming her intern. her knowledge and guidance is probably worth more than any salary. alas, i have bills to pay and must be slightly more realistic. but who knows? one day maybe i will be able to work with her in some capacity. i just think she’s the ultimate power girl and i rarely sit and read a book cover to cover without a break…and i did it with “if you have to cry, go outside”. so i wanted to make some regular posts with Kelly quotes, because they are always nuggets of amazingness…and when i went to look online for some quotes i came across a whole site with her quotes. yeah..totally made my night. you can check it out here.

the existence of the site isn’t deterring me from my original plan…i’ll still post her quotes regualrly. some inspiration in a world with a shortage of strong, intelligent, and bad ass women.

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