good reads.

I’m always reading several books at once, but sometimes a book will captivate me so much that I set all others aside and dive into that one. This happened last weekend when I picked up “Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk: A Modest Bestiary” By David Sedaris. It was a really easy read, but so hilarious! It’s the kind of dark humor I love. I have a couple of his books on tape and I always listen to them on long car rides. Always entertaining! An all time favorite is the Mike Tyson story from “Barrel Fever.”


I just started “Creative Visualization” By Shakti Gawain. One of my yoga instructors, who is absolutely amazing, always gives us a card at the start of class, that has an intention for us to focus on during the class. The cards are based off this book, and I enjoy them so much that I decided to get the book as well as the Meditation cd based on the book. I’m really enjoying both. The book is a heavier read that requires time for reflection, so I read a chapter every few days and let it soak in. I would definitely recommend both the book and the cd! 

And on more of the “entertainment” side of reading, I am also reading “Why Not Say What Happened?” which is by Ivana Lowell, a Guinness Heir and the cousin of one my favorite people, the ever intriguing, Daphne Guinness. So far its been a VERY interesting read! I would just love to read Daphne’s memoir, I hope that’s on the horizon.

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