“I’m a LADY!”

With Paris Couture week coming to end and the anticipation of NY Fashion week beginnning,  I thought it might be nice to revisit the various looks and trends from Fall 2010. Usually the strongest trends continue into the Spring season and right about now is when more people dare to experiment with the looks we saw. A favorite trend of the season were the different “lady like” looks. More specifically, for this post, I’m focusing on the full circle skirts. The fantastic thing about this trend is it can work at different lengths and for different tastes. If you want full on lady like glam (like Marc Jacobs showed for Louis Vuitton), then you pair the calf length skirt or shorter versions with a fitted sweater, or maybe a lace top.

 For something edgier you can choose a strong power shoulder top. And for an effortless and chic take on the trend, you can pair a darker skirt with a blazer and sleek glasses or with a loose crop top or off the shoulder top (both seen on Dries Van Noten’s runway…and looks I plan to emulate myself).

The options are really limitless and it’s a trend that not only looks gorgeous but so many people can try!

You can find these styles of skirts in so many places now, vintage stores and ebay are always a great source, my online store  (www.Collage-Boutique.com) carries a couple styles now, and we will have more available shortly! Here’s a pic and link to the style currently available which has a great black and white palette and sequin embellishments. Would look amazing with heels and a sweater or a plain cropped tee and flats!

Full skirt with sequins via www.collage-boutique.com $79 Purchase: HERE.

We also have a mini sequin circle skirt available in red or pink for $32, get it HERE.

(All runway photos via: Elle.com)

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