“Either you’re getting off the treadmill, or I’m going to DIE”

This may be one of THE MOST inspiring videos I’ve ever seen. It totally resonated with me and I’m sure it will for others.

I fell upon this video when I was looking for some “law of attraction” videos for a little boost of motivation. Originally, I found a video that was a longer version of one of the interviews included in this one, where Will was talking about the book “The Alchemist” I found that oddly coincidental because I had literally just finished that book for the second time the day before.  What’s even more coincidental is, the day after I saw that video, someone on the boutique’s facebook page had posted that same video. That video isn’t new it was posted over 3 years ago.  So, the coincidences and connections were just too much.

I’ve watched this video several times over the past few days and it really gets me pumped up and motivated. Will Smith’s beliefs are absolutely infectious and I try to live my life with those same beliefs. Sometimes that can be a major challenge, but knowing all he has achieved proves with persistence, everything you want can be yours…and then some.

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2 Responses to “Either you’re getting off the treadmill, or I’m going to DIE”

  1. Nick says:

    Wow….awesome video!!! Never seen this one. Glad you put it up

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